Montana Whistleblower Qui Tam Claims


All employees have rules and regulations they must follow in the workplace, but so do employers. If an employer engages in illegal or unlawful conduct, employees may report the behavior to the appropriate authorities. Sadly, many employers then take disciplinary action against these employees who make the report, which could potentially include termination. The Montana False Claims Act protects whistleblowers from retaliation by their employers and provides for substantial penalties against an employer who takes a negative employment action or retaliates against an employee who has reported fraudulent conduct.

The Montana False Claims Act also allows whistleblowers who know of violations of the law to file an independent “qui tam” lawsuit. It has general application, covering many types of fraud against the state, including healthcare fraud, medical billing fraud, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, federal contractor fraud, and more. Essentially, any kind of fraud committed against the state creates liability under the Montana False Claims Act that can be enforced by whistleblowers and their attorneys.

The Montana False Claims Act provides compensation to employees and other individuals who blow the whistle and expose individuals and companies who defraud the federal government. A whistleblower who files a Montana False Claims Act case may receive between 15% and 25% of damages recovered if the state prosecutes the matter. If the state does not intervene, and the whistleblower hires a private attorney who successfully prosecutes the case, the whistleblower may receive between 25% and 30% percent of the damages recovered. Plaintiffs who prevail in whistleblower claims through private attorneys are also entitled to recover attorney fees.

If you have knowledge about hospitals, individuals or businesses that are defrauding the government through fraudulent medical billing practices, contract fraud, Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud, you may have a claim for compensation if you expose the fraud and it results in a recovery for the government. Our Montana fraud attorneys at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC are ready to take on your False Claims Act case. These tend to be extremely complex cases, but we are prepared to help you fight against those who defraud the government.

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