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Montana Workplace Injury Lawyer

Per capita, Montana has one of the highest incidents of workplace injuries in the country. It follows that many Montana workers face dangerous workplace conditions and suffer injuries as a result of these unsafe job sites. Because workers spend much of their lives in the workplace, most are likely to suffer an injury at some point over the course of their careers.

Montana has recently reformed its worker’s compensation laws which have focused on limiting the benefits paid to workers, rather than improving the safety of the workplace. As a result, Montana’s worker’s compensation laws provide some of the most meager benefits to workers in the country and almost always fail to make the injured workers whole for their losses.

It is important for injured workers to identify all sources of recovery after they are injured in the work place. This includes not only workers compensation claims, but also personal injury tort claims against third parties.

Helping Montana Workers Obtain Compensation Beyond Workers' Compensation

Montana’s workers compensation act generally prohibits claims against an employer or fellow employees, however the act does not bar personal injury negligence claims by a worker when a party, other than the employer, causes the worker’s injury. For example, employees who suffer injuries due to workplace accidents caused by contractors or coworkers of other companies may file suit against those non-employer entities. These injuries could occur on the employer’s property or while the worker carries on the business of the employer off the company’s premises.

Unlike work comp benefits which are provided regardless of who was at fault for causing the injury, these third party claims require the worker to prove that their injuries were caused due to someone else’s carelessness. Third party claims are also different from work comp claims in that they provide broader elements of damage which include emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of established course of life, and the full amount of the worker’s lost wages. Hence, workers can potentially obtain far greater compensation from these claims than under work comp.

Proven Results Obtaining Compensation for Montana Workers

The workplace injury lawyers at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC have represented many workers who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of third parties and have obtained verdicts on behalf of injured workers. In addition to the numerous verdicts we have obtained for railroad workers who have been injured in the workplace, we have also obtained verdicts for construction workers in the following cases:

  • Gilchrist v. Cooper Construction, Inc., et al. ~ $1,400,000.00 (Scaffolding fall)
  • Olson v. Shumaker Trucking ~ $940,296.00 (Front-end loader accident)
  • Rogers v. Howell ~ $330,000.00

The attorneys at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC provide legal representation for Montana workers and their families involving serious injuries and wrongful death. We handle injury claims involving a variety of work-related accidents including:

  • Mining accidents – collapsed tunnel walls
  • Products liability – defective products and equipment
  • Environmental hazards – industrial waste, toxic substances, chemical burns
  • Construction site accidents –scaffolding, ladder and roof falls, electrocutions
  • Auto accidents – commercial vehicle crashes
  • Oil field injuries – oil rig explosions and fires
  • Industrial accidents –heavy equipment injuries and repetitive stress injuries

Protect Your Rights by Contacting our Montana Workplace Injury Lawyers

Proving a workplace accident case can be very difficult and before hiring legal counsel you should examine the trial results of your attorney in handling complex civil cases. If you have suffered a workplace accident, contact a Montana workplace injury lawyer at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC to ensure your rights are protected. Our attorneys have vast experience handling workplace accident cases and will diligently investigate your claim to help you identify all sources of recovery and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Call us at (406) 233-1302 for a free case review and assessment of your right to seek additional compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

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