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Were You Seriously Injured In A Ski Or Snowboard Crash?

Taking a trip up the mountains to enjoy the snowy slopes can make for an exhilarating vacation, but it can also end up with a trip to the hospital if things go wrong. An estimated 600,000 people are injured while skiing or snowboarding in the United States every year, and about 38 die every year. While there are a large number of factors that can influence these injuries, like unexpected ice patches, partially buried debris, a missed jump, etc., far too many are caused by the reckless or negligent actions of other skiers and snowboarders on the ski hill.

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If you were seriously injured in a ski or snowboard accident caused by someone else’s actions, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation. At Hoyt & Blewett PLLC, we have spent decades working with countless injured victims, and through our tireless efforts have secured them the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to speak with one of our Montana accident lawyers about your case and begin planning your next steps.

When Can Someone Else Be Held Liable For Your Injuries?

While some injuries on the ski hill are simply unavoidable, injuries caused by collisions between skiers are something that should never happen. Like almost any other recreational activity, there are certain rules that the participants must comply with. If these rules of conduct are violated and the violation results in a collision that causes injury, the skier can be legally liable for your injuries. In most cases, the other skier or snowboarder must act without reasonable care, which can include:

  • Losing control/becoming unable to avoid or stop objects and people in the way.
  • Stopping at a place that obstructs the path of oncoming skiers and snowboarders, especially if it is in a location that is not visible to oncoming people.
  • Failing to yield to the downhill skier.
  • Failing to look uphill or yield to others when merging into a trail.

In all cases, skiers and snowboarders farther down the trail have the right of way, and it is up to uphill skiers and snowboarders to avoid colliding with them or interfering with their path of travel. Skiers and snowboarders who act negligently, such as individuals who ski down a beginner trail at high speeds and attempt to weave between the inexperienced skiers along the way before crashing into someone, could be held liable.

Homeowner’s Insurance Can Cover The Damages

In cases where the responsible skier is found to be at fault, the amount you can recover may come down to the homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy they have. Most homeowners are required to purchase homeowners’ policies by their mortgage companies. These policies not only provide coverage for damage to a person’s home, they also provide personal liability coverage to the homeowner and the other resident relatives in their household. The personal liability coverage usually provides coverage for injuries caused outside a motor vehicle, such as a ski hill. A typical homeowners’ insurance policy will include at least $100,000 in personal liability coverage. However, many policies include much more coverage and some homeowners purchase umbrella policies which can provide another layer of coverage.

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