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Roundup is a name recognized by many as a popular solution for killing weeds. For years, people have relied on Roundup to create the home garden of their dreams or to regulate plant growth on their farms. Even individuals who do not use Roundup are likely aware of the product that has dominated the market since its introduction.

The name recognition of Roundup has taken a notorious turn recently. Use of the weed killer has been identified as a factor in cancer diagnoses for many customers. If you or a loved one was a longtime Roundup user and developed cancer (particularly non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and/or chronic lymphocytic leukemia), contact our Montana Roundup lawyers.

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The Secrets Behind a Household Name

The herbicide chemical glyphosate was marketed by Monsanto as Roundup beginning in the 1970s. Advertised as a safe way to eliminate weeds, Roundup was the go-to choice for farmers and homeowners for decades. However, Roundup is not as safe as consumers were lead to believe — glyphosate has been linked to cancer development.

The Subject of Nationwide Legal Action

The revelation about the effects of Roundup use have inspired litigation across the country. Thousands of victims are in the process of suing Monsanto (and recently acquired parent company, Bayer) on the basis that they developed cancer caused by years of Roundup use. The cases that have gone to trial have resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts for victims, and revealed additional evidence of Monsanto and Bayer’s negligence.

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Roundup’s manufacturers exhibited a level of negligence and greed that ultimately subjected their dedicated consumers to terrible pain and suffering. At Hoyt & Blewett PLLC, we are standing with the victims of this negligence throughout the nation, and are offering our services to those affected in Great Falls and across the state of Montana.

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