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Unsafe Driving Condition Accidents

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Although it’s unfortunate, the reality for all drivers is that auto accidents can strike anywhere, at any time. While auto accidents are often the result of careless decisions by other motorists, on other occasions, they occur because of unsafe driving conditions. For victims of auto accidents, however, one constant is that accidents which aren’t their fault may entitle them to financial compensation for their injuries from the at fault driver’s insurance company.

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Danger on the Road Ahead

Unsafe driving conditions can include a myriad of hazards, all of which hold the potential for devastating consequences. Defectively designed roads can run drivers right into a ditch. Poorly maintained highways and freeways can lead to collisions, pile-ups, and multiple-car wrecks. Intersections without proper signage, overpasses that are missing guardrails, guardrails that are dangerously designed can magnify the injuries sustained, and overgrown patches of land can all conspire to limit driver and pedestrian oversight.

A few of the most common hazards to watch out for are:

  • Fallen objects in the middle of the road
  • Missing or hidden signs
  • Malfunctioning or broken traffic lights
  • Poorly maintained or neglected patches of road
  • Inadequate or unsafe guardrails near sharp curves, ditches, or overpasses
  • No rumble strips on highways
  • Dangerous curves
  • Potholes and cracks
  • Poor street lighting
  • Clogged drainage causing flooding
  • Lack of signage indicating road work
  • Lack or markings or cones indicating road work

The extreme weather conditions in Montana, combined with driver error, make these potential hazards even more dangerous. It is important to remember that in some car crashes more than one driver may be liable for causing the injuries, which can increase the amount of insurance coverage available to cover your injuries. Even if you are partially at fault for causing a car crash, under Montana law you may be entitled to recover for the injuries you have suffered if you are not more than 50% liable. When litigating an injury claim resulting from an auto accident, make sure to discuss any and all unsafe conditions in detail with your skilled attorney, as well as anything that could have exacerbated already treacherous terrain.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Unsafe Conditions?

In most cases, local municipalities and government agencies are responsible for road upkeep. In some instances, law enforcement bodies may also fall into this category, if they are in the habit of blocking off stretches of road. From the bottom to the top, organizations you may want to discuss with your attorney include city councils, county boards, state legislatures, and federal regulatory committees. While it is possible to hold any of these organizations accountable in cases of unsafe driving conditions, most states allow for a “reasonable” amount of time to fix road conditions in areas deemed unsafe. To hold any given entity liable, then, you will need to be able to prove they did not meet the necessary safety requirements in the allotted time period.

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