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Chemical Exposure Lawyers in Montana

The Montana chemical exposure lawyers at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC have more than three decades of experience representing individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of toxic chemical exposure. If you have been injured after being exposed to chemicals, lead, poisonous vapors, manganese, asbestos, silica, contaminated groundwater, and other hazardous dusts, you should immediately contact an experienced chemical exposure attorney to protect your rights.

Montana Chemical Exposure Injury Lawyers Who Are Willing to Take Your Case to Trial

Montana’s economy involves many dangerous jobs which potentially expose workers to hazardous chemicals. Thanks to OSHA regulations and past toxic exposure lawsuits, many employers, including railroads, have changed their policies to reduce the risk of toxic exposure in the workplace by substituting chemicals, re-engineering work practices and providing safety equipment such as respirators. However, due to carelessness, failure to train employees and other negligence, accidents still frequently occur which release hazardous substances and cause severe brain injuries and lung diseases. When these injuries are caused by accidents involving the negligence of a third party, toxic exposure victims may be entitled to compensation for their damages.

Our firm has vast experience handling toxic exposure cases and we have represented:

  • Railroad workers who have suffered lung injuries and respiratory disease, including asbestosis and silicosis after being exposed to silica, asbestos, diesel exhaust and other solvents in the workplace;
  • Industrial workers exposed to nuclear radiation;
  • Workers who have suffered chemical burns and other injuries in fires and explosions
  • Individuals who have suffered nerve damage and other complications following the inhalation of gases including anhydrous ammonia and other toxins
  • An ambulance emergency technician who was injured following a railroad train explosion that released toxic chemicals into the atmosphere
  • Community residents injured by the release of chlorine gas from a railroad tanker

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Just because you were exposed to chemical hazards long ago, does not necessarily preclude you from bringing a claim. If you were recently diagnosed with a particular respiratory illness or disease due to exposure that occurred long ago, you may still have a right to seek compensation for your injuries.

Exposure to toxic substances can occur at work, in your home or in the community. If you suspect that you have been exposed to and injured by toxic chemicals, please contact a Montana chemical exposure lawyer.

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