Montana Takes Action to Reduce Car Accidents on Two-Lane Highways

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Located at the cross-section of two dangerous two-lane highways near the Canadian border lies the windy railroad town of Havre, Montana. Havre is the eighth largest city in Montana.

Unlike most Montana cities, which are connected by at least one interstate, Havre has no access to an interstate. It can only be accessed by two-lane highways. As a result, those who drive to Havre face more safety hazards than those who drive to other cities in Montana.

The Dangers of Two-Lane Highways

Studies have shown that four-lane interstates are much safer than two-lane highways and result in fewer injuries and accidents. This is particularly true for semis and other heavy trucks.

There is simply less margin for error on two-lane highways. Two-lane highways also create a risk of head-on auto accidents. This is because passing vehicles need to drive into oncoming traffic when overtaking other vehicles.

To account for the increased accident risk on Montana’s two-lane highways, the speed limit has been reduced. The limit for cars is set at 70 miles per hour, compared to 80 miles per hour for cars on many interstate highways.

Semis and heavy trucks in Montana are only permitted to travel at 60 miles per hour during the day on two-lane highways and only 55 miles per hour at night compared to 65 miles per hour on interstates.

Efforts to Improve Safety on Montana’s Two-Lane Highways

Luckily the Montana Department of Transportation has followed the trend around the country and recently begun adding centerline rumble strips to two-lane highways throughout the state.

Montana drivers will now experience a rumbling sound when they attempt to overtake oncoming vehicles on many two-lane roads around the state, including portions of Highway 87 between Great Falls and Havre.

Research has indicated that center-line rumble strips create noise and vibration which alerts drivers who are drowsy or distracted. This reduces auto accidents and injuries by almost 60% by preventing motorists from crossing the centerline and causing head-on collisions.

In addition to adding centerline rumble strips, in the last few years, several other improvements have been made to Highway 87. This includes improvements to the roadway between Box Elder and Havre.

This portion of roadway was in very poor condition, but hopefully, this resurfacing will help improve safety and prevent future auto accidents in Havre and surrounding areas.

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