Bakken Oil Field Accidents and the Keystone Xl Extension

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With the current focus on President Barack Obama’s recent veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline, his first veto since 2010, the issue of oilfields has become a hot topic. The XL extension of the pipeline has come under heavy scrutiny for environmental reasons. Instead of traveling east through Canada, the pipeline is currently planned to travel south through Montana and South Dakota. It is important to understand the effects this veto has on oil production, the Bakken Oil Fields and the number of Montana Oil Rig Accidents that we may see in the future.

The oil rich formation known as “The Bakken”, spans 200,000 square miles across Montana, North Dakota and parts of Canada.  Most notably, the Bakken oil fields are notorious for their dangerous conditions as well as contributing to a number of tragic oil rig related accidents in Montana. Our blog “The Keystone Pipeline and Bakken Oil Field Accident” describes several unique hazards that exist for pipeline workers. Moreover, the XL expansion would increase the risks for landowners and waterways in Montana.

Although there are numerous reasons for Montanans to support Keystone XL, such as an increase in local jobs and economic activity, we have decided to examine the positive effects the veto has. The major risk averted is oil spills and threats to the rivers and streams of Montana. In spite of safety measures that have been incorporated in the design, there have been 14 major keystone spills since June 2010. These spills have caused serious harm to many communities. For years, Montana landowners have been fighting legal disputes against large companies who have caused oil spills in their community.  In late January 2015, the Yellowstone River in Montana was hit with yet another oil spill due to a pipeline leak.

The oil spill attorneys at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC have helped Montana landowners obtain the compensation they deserve for the damage caused by oil spills.  As oil pipelines continue to be built across Montana, landowners have been forced to fight back against negligent oil companies who pollute their land.  Retaining an attorney experienced in litigating oil spills in Montana is vital to evaluating the damages in any situation. If you are the victim of an oil spill in Montana, please contact us for a consultation.

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