Holding Corporations Accountable For Contaminating Montana's Land, Water & Air

Montana Environmental Damage Attorney

The environmental attorneys at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC have more than three decades of experience obtaining compensation from corporations when they contaminate Montana’s land, water and air. We pride ourselves on protecting the rights of Montana property owners and we are committed to holding polluters responsible to clean up toxic spills and provide redress for other environmental damage.

Pollution Claims for Property Damage and Personal Injury

The citizens of Montana have a right to be free from environmental hazards and this is a right that we take seriously. Article II, Section 3 of the Montana Constitution expressly provides for “the right to a clean and healthful environment.” Private causes of action for trespass and nuisance, also known as environmental tort actions, are available to enforce these constitutional legal rights of pollution victims.

Property isn’t the only thing that is affected by industrial pollution. The release of toxins into the environment can also cause health problems, illnesses and injuries to those who come into contact with these substances through tainted drinking water, poisonous vapors and other means. When companies negligently release toxic substances into the environment, those individuals who are damaged may have the right to pursue environmental tort claims to recover for their physical injuries as well as the cleanup costs to their property.

In Kleffner v. Pleasant Valley Colony our firm represented a Montana farming family against a Hutterite colony which dumped waste from its pig farm onto the family’s property and created an incredible stench which interfered with our clients’ use and enjoyment of their property. A Great Falls jury found that the Colony was negligent for creating a private nuisance and for trespassing and awarded our clients $500,000 for the damages they suffered, which included the diminution of the value of their farm.

Pursuing Compensation for Environmental Clean Up Claims in Montana

Our Montana environmental pollution lawyers handle claims and disputes over cleanup and injuries involving many situations including:

  • Oil spills and pipeline leaks
  • Sewage releases
  • Surface and groundwater pollution
  • Mining waste
  • Train derailments involving toxic chemicals and other railroad pollution
  • Contaminated soil
  • Fertilizer and agricultural pollution

Due to the number of expert witnesses and testing that is often required to prove the polluter’s liability, cases involving environmental damage tend to be very expensive. Our firm has the resources, experience and fortitude to go the distance and take these complex cases to trial against large corporations.

Contact our Great Falls, Montana Environmental Attorneys for a Free Case Evaluation

From groundwater pollution to oil spills, our firm is prepared to take on your environmental cleanup case and compel polluters to pay for the cleanup and personal injuries they cause. If you have been personally injured by toxic substances or your property has been exposed to industrial contamination or an oil spill contact our Montana environmental attorneys to discuss your rights under Montana law.

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