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Montana Consumer Fraud Lawyers

Protecting Clients’ Rights Under Montana’s Consumer Protection Statute

The Montana consumer fraud lawyers at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC represent consumers whose rights have been violated by corporations, insurance companies, and financial institutions. Montana’s Consumer Protection Statute provides for damages and attorney’s fees to consumers who have been injured by “unfair or deceptive” acts under M.C.A. 30-14-103. Whether you are the victim of insurance denials, predatory lending, fraud, false credit reports, or financial scams, Hoyt & Blewett PLLC has the knowledge and resources to hold unscrupulous entities accountable for their actions.

Since 1985, our lawyers have been fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. We have the resources, skill, and experience to go up against large corporations in court, never backing down when it is in our clients’ best interests to pursue litigation. With over 100 years of combined experience, our lawyers are well-prepared to handle all types of consumer fraud cases across Montana.

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We Are Advocates for Consumer Protection

The Montana consumer fraud lawyers of Hoyt & Blewett PLLC have a record of standing up for the rights of consumers in all walks of life. Companies are in the business of making money. They will not necessarily put consumers’ interests first and may intentionally defraud the very people they are supposed to serve. Our attorneys are strong advocates for consumer protection. We use our experience, our reputation, our resources, and our skill to protect consumers’ rights by helping them recover the losses they’ve suffered.

We can take on consumer fraud cases involving:

  • Predatory lending
  • Real estate fraud
  • Securities and investment fraud
  • Financial scams
  • Warranty violations regarding various consumer products
  • Construction defects
  • Environmental claims involving chemical exposure
  • Malpractice or negligence involving professional services
  • Bad faith practices by insurance providers

Because we work on a contingent fee basis, you do not have to worry about up-front legal costs or attorney’s fees. We only get paid if you do, and our fees are included in the settlement or award, as provided by Montana’s Consumer Protection Statute.

Please contact us at (406) 233-1302 if you would like a free evaluation of your case.

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