Representing Small Businesses That Have Unlawfully Suffered A Loss

Great Falls, Montana Commercial Tort Lawyers

In addition to representing injured individuals and consumers, the commercial tort lawyers at Hoyt & Blewett PLLC are proud to represent Montana small businesses who have suffered financial loss by the unlawful and negligent acts of other commercial entities. When businesses have incurred substantial damages due to dishonest and fraudulent business practices they may have a right to pursue compensation from the offending party.

Such “commercial torts” may include intentional interference with contract or business relationships, breach of contract, improper trust accounting, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud and negligence. Such cases may also involve circumstances in which a business purchased defective equipment and machinery. In some breach of contract actions businesses may recover attorneys’ fees if specifically provided for in the contract. Montana, like many other states, has adopted the Unfair Trade Practices Act which prohibits businesses from imposing restrictions on trade. This includes any activities which seek to restrict the production of products and merchandise as well as the provision of commercial services. It also prohibits price fixing, bid fixing, and other efforts to reduce competition and create monopolies. Our commercial tort lawyers are prepared to represent businesses who have lost profits due to the unfair business practices of their competitors or other actors.

With more than three decades of experience practicing complex civil litigation and trying cases in front of Montana juries, our commercial tort lawyers have the trial experience needed to obtain fair compensation for your business. Businesses that have suffered financial losses due to the wrongful conduct of other entities frequently lack the resources to hire an attorney by the hour to engage in complex litigation. However, our Montana commercial tort lawyers handle all cases on a contingent fee basis, which allows businesses to avoid up-front litigation costs and continue to operate while they seek to obtain compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Please contact us today if your business has been damaged due to improper business practices.

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