Personal Injury – Advice From Montana Personal Injury Lawyers

Anyone who has suffered a personal injury would like to focus on their healing and recovery.  Too often however, determining fault, insurance disputes and other legal issues can add unwanted stress and anxiety into your healing process. Hoyt & Blewett PLLC is happy to serve and advise you as Personal Injury Lawyers experienced in Montana state law.

There are many types of personal injuries that could require you to seek legal counsel including car accidents, trucking accidents, work place injuries, or even dog bites.  It is important to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible after suffering an injury, as insurance companies might try to quickly secure a settlement, attempt to deny a claim, or unfairly obtain information from you which they may later utilize against you.

A 2007 report by CNN revealed some of the questionable tactics used by insurance companies to deny personal injury claims. This was best described in an affidavit filed in a New Mexico case against insurance juggernaut Allstate. It was here where one of the company’s former lawyer’s explained that their strategy was to make pursuing compensation “so expensive and so time-consuming that lawyers would start refusing to help clients”.  Former employees also revealed a systematic strategy to deny claims, delay the settlement of claims, and defend against the claims in court.

In the case of soft tissue injuries, the most common type being whiplash, it is critical to have an experienced personal injury lawyer. Because these injuries typically do not result in broken bones, these ‘invisible injuries’ can be difficult to prove. However, they can have a profound impact on your quality of life as their effects can last for years after an accident or result in permanent limitations.

While each case is different, in determining the value of soft tissue/whiplash injury claims, it’s important to take into consideration the following;

  • Who is determined to be at fault
  • The medical provider’s diagnosis and prognosis
  • The history of treatment received and pre-existing conditions
  • Loss of income during the entire healing period, not just time in hospital
  • Loss of establish course of life
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering, including stress, anxiety, or depression as a result of the incident and your injury
  • The present & future ability to be employed & future life enjoyment. Many soft tissue injuries take years to heal, which can inhibit you from returning to certain lines of work.

Recoveries in personal injury cases vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the case and the injuries suffered.  Hoyt & Blewett PLLC has proven its ability to obtain fair compensation for the harm caused to its clients in difficult cases, as was recently demonstrated by a 2014 case where Hoyt & Blewett PLLC secured a $4 Million dollar verdict  for a client who suffered brain injuries in an accident involving falling logs.  This was one of the largest verdicts in Missoula County, Montana, history.

In the event that you suffer a personal injury such as whiplash or other catastrophic injuries, it is essential to hire a lawyer with a proven track record to represent you.


If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer in Montana, please contact us for a free consultation.