Railroad Accident

The Keystone Pipeline and Bakken Oil Field accidents

By Anders Blewett

Bakken oil field accidents, despite claims to the contrary, are old news for Montanans. However, with the possibility of the Keystone pipeline being used to transport a large portion of Bakken field oil to coastal refineries, the range of workplace accidents that can impact workers of the Bakken oil field is changing rapidly as we move away from rail transport of crude oil and towards a cross-country pipeline. Continue reading “The Keystone Pipeline and Bakken Oil Field accidents”

Railroad Accident Lawyers Great Falls

By Anders Blewett
A massive railroad accident recently occurred in Montana a couple hundred miles west of Great Falls. The accident occurred early in the morning on Wednesday, September 4th and investigators have yet to declare the cause of the train derailment. It has been reported that 24 cars out of 66 derailed, and 4 cars partially landed in the Clark Fork River. According to reports, the train was carrying forest product and the track was damaged in the railroad accident and it took nearly 48 hours for the track to be reopened. Continue reading “Railroad Accident Lawyers Great Falls”