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Workers Compensation Montana

How To Calculate My Personal Injury Compensation In Montana

Calculating your personal injury compensation in Montana can be broken down into several factors which include:

  • Costs/Expenses
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Economic or Special Damages-past and future medical expenses, past, and future lost earnings/earning capacity, and past and future loss of household services Non-Economic or General Damages-past and future physical and emotional pain and suffering and past and future loss of established course of life/enjoyment
  • Fault-Total compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault in causing your injuries

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Construction Accident Injury Attorney

The Most Common Construction Accidents

And How To Find The Right Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction is responsible for more workplace accidents than any other industry in the USA. Many of these accidents are preventable. A workers compensation lawyer can help you after a construction accident, but prevention is the best option. It is important to understand how construction accidents can happen and what standards your work environment has in place for your safety.

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Workplace injury

What To Do After A Workplace Injury?

Know the right steps to take to report your injury and get workers compensation

In the event of a workplace injury, you need to know the right steps to protect yourself and to get workplace injury compensation. Here is what to do after a workplace injury:

  1. Get first aid/medical help immediately.
  2. Promptly notify your supervisor with as many details as possible about the injury.
  3. Fill out a claim for workers compensation in writing and provide it to your employer.
  4. Settle disputes with the help of a Montana workers comp lawyer

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Am I Entitled To Workers Compensation

Am I Entitled to Workers Compensation?

A lawyer’s look at workers comp requirements in Montana

How does the worker’s comp system operate in Montana?

Montana worker’s comp system covers medical costs, wage loss, and other benefits without regard to fault. All businesses in Montana with employees are required by law to provide worker’s compensation insurance. The insurance covers injuries suffered by a worker if they meet workers comp eligibility requirements and can prove they were injured in the course and scope of their employment.

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Automotive Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

Navigating Automotive or Injury Lawsuits

Navigating your first automotive accident or injury lawsuit can be a stressful and confusing time. To make things easier, we have put together an automotive personal injury lawsuit timeline.

We will discuss how long you have to file an auto personal injury lawsuit in Montana, as well as what you can file for, and what steps you need to take. This article will familiarize you with the process and what you can expect. Continue reading “Automotive Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline”

Montana Rules of The Road – Where Are Cyclists Allowed?

Spring is fast approaching. When the snow begins to melt in the coming weeks you will start to notice people biking in Montana and sharing the roadways. This, in turn, is sure to reignite the ongoing debate between motorists and cyclists over who rules the road.  Over the course of our decades of experience in representing motorcycle and auto accident victims, one thing is certain – seemingly everyone has their own interpretation of the Montana Bicycle law.
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Personal Injury Claims in Montana

Nearly everyone in Montana knows a friend, relative, co-worker or acquaintance who has suffered some sort of personal injury in a car or trucking accident, on a worksite, on the premises of a business, or at a hospital during a medical procedure. The injuries suffered by these individuals can have a devastating impact both on the victims themselves and on their families, particularly if there is insufficient insurance coverage to cover their damages. Continue reading “Personal Injury Claims in Montana”

Young Student Workers And Unsafe Summer Jobs

With the spring semester coming to a close, many inexperienced student workers in Montana will be looking for employment opportunities over the summer. When seeking employment, it is important to know that some employers take advantage of these students by failing to train them and by exposing them to unsafe work conditions which result in devastating workplace injuries.

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Personal Injury – Advice From Montana Personal Injury Lawyers

Anyone who has suffered a personal injury would like to focus on their healing and recovery.  Too often however, determining fault, insurance disputes and other legal issues can add unwanted stress and anxiety into your healing process. Hoyt & Blewett PLLC is happy to serve and advise you as Personal Injury Lawyers experienced in Montana state law. Continue reading “Personal Injury – Advice From Montana Personal Injury Lawyers”