Oil Field Accidents

Workplace Injuries in the Bakken Oil Fields

In a recent episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight”, ​John Oliver​ lampooned our neighbor, North Dakota for being too hospitable – especially towards oil companies. Focusing on the ​Bakken Oil Fields,​ Oliver’s piece touched on many of the legal repercussions of the oil boom. Although the segment starts off on a light-hearted note, it takes a grim turn as the realities of his satirical tone become apparent.

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Bakken Oil Field Accidents and The Keystone XL Extension

With the current focus on President Barack Obama’s recent veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline, his first veto since 2010, the issue of oilfields has become a hot topic. The XL extension of the pipeline has come under heavy scrutiny for environmental reasons. Instead of traveling east through Canada, the pipeline is currently planned to travel south through Montana and South Dakota. It is important to understand the effects this veto has on oil production, the Bakken Oil Fields and the number of Montana Oil Rig Accidents that we may see in the future. Continue reading “Bakken Oil Field Accidents and The Keystone XL Extension”

The Keystone Pipeline and Bakken Oil Field accidents

By Anders Blewett

Bakken oil field accidents, despite claims to the contrary, are old news for Montanans. However, with the possibility of the Keystone pipeline being used to transport a large portion of Bakken field oil to coastal refineries, the range of workplace accidents that can impact workers of the Bakken oil field is changing rapidly as we move away from rail transport of crude oil and towards a cross-country pipeline. Continue reading “The Keystone Pipeline and Bakken Oil Field accidents”

Bakken Oil Field Accident Attorney – The Hazards of Oil Field Work

By Anders Blewett

Economic booms from oil and gas extraction can be a mixed blessing to many residents of the Bakken Oil Field. With all the new money flowing in from the Bakken oil fields, many can forget how dangerous working on oil and gas extraction sites can be, and Bakken oil field accidents are no different from previous census data. From 2003 to 2010, 823 oil and gas extraction workers (Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages) were killed on the job. This is seven times greater than the rate for all U.S. industries. The hazards of oil field  work are well documented and workers at the Bakken oil field should be aware of common hazards and dangers of working with oil rigs, and what they can do for prevention.

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Oil Field and Oil Rig Accidents in Montana

By Anders Blewett

If you live in Montana, it is difficult to ignore the massive role the oil industry has on its economy.  There are 45 oil fields in Montana and according to Montana’s Petroleum Association it employs 7,499 people directly and 20,920 people indirectly. This region, known as The Bakken, is an oil rich formation that spans 200,000 square miles across Montana, North Dakota, and parts of Canada. The Bakken Fields in Montana and neighboring states have become infamous for their dangerous work places and the tragic oil field accidents that have occurred. While the Bakken oil boom has been an undisputed boon to Montana’s economy which has produced thousands of well-paying jobs, progress must still be made with regards to safety and reducing the number of injuries caused by oil field and oil rig accidents.
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