Workplace Injuries in the Bakken Oil Fields

In a recent episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight”, ​John Oliver​ lampooned our neighbor, North Dakota for being too hospitable – especially towards oil companies. Focusing on the ​Bakken Oil Fields,​ Oliver’s piece touched on many of the legal repercussions of the oil boom. Although the segment starts off on a light-hearted note, it takes a grim turn as the realities of his satirical tone become apparent.

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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in Montana

The emotional distress and grief endured by those who have lost a loved one in a car or trucking accident is unimaginable.  In addition, it can result in financial disaster for families whose breadwinners are killed through no fault of their own.  Fortunately, Montana law allows individuals to pursue a wrongful death claim against the person responsible for causing the fatal car or trucking accident.

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Montana Drivers Should Protect Themselves by Learning about Auto Insurance

Every State in the country requires that drivers carry a minimum amount of auto liability insurance coverage to provide compensation to people who suffer personal injuries in an auto or trucking accident.  The mandatory minimum insurance limits in Montana are $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.  While these amounts may seem adequate to cover the damages suffered by most people injured in auto and trucking accidents, in most serious accidents, these amounts are far too low to compensate injured victims for their sizeable medical expenses and loss of income as a result of not being able to work. Continue reading “Montana Drivers Should Protect Themselves by Learning about Auto Insurance”

Top 5 Reasons To Retain A Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Montana

When you’re involved in a car accident, the stress of dealing with the law, insurance companies and everyone else involved can be overwhelming. Having an experienced car accident lawyer working for you can help you through the process and any personal injury lawsuit that follows the accident. Here are 5 of the top reasons to retain a lawyer after being involved in a car accident in Montana. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons To Retain A Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Montana”

Montana Car Accident Lawyers: Dealing With Whiplash

Car Accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in Montana and many other states. Whether the accident happens on the street or highway, those involved can be left with long-lasting post-accident injuries. One of the most common injuries is a whiplash neck injury. Whiplash is often overlooked and minimized due to a lack of understanding of the injury. While whiplash is not a life threatening injury, victims can be left with a prolonged period of partial disability. Continue reading “Montana Car Accident Lawyers: Dealing With Whiplash”

Personal Injury – Advice From Montana Personal Injury Lawyers

Anyone who has suffered a personal injury would like to focus on their healing and recovery.  Too often however, determining fault, insurance disputes and other legal issues can add unwanted stress and anxiety into your healing process. Hoyt & Blewett PLLC is happy to serve and advise you as Personal Injury Lawyers experienced in Montana state law. Continue reading “Personal Injury – Advice From Montana Personal Injury Lawyers”

Montana Supreme Court Upholds $3.98 Million Verdict Obtained by Hoyt and Blewett PLLC for Brain Injury

As reported by KXLF, the Montana Supreme Court issued an opinion on March 17, 2015, unanimously upholding a $3.97 Million jury verdict rendered for a Missoula man and wife in 2014.

Allen Ginn suffered a brain injury, among other injuries, when a log fell on him at a Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. mill in 2008.  Ginn, a logger, was injured while he delivered a truckload of logs to the mill.  The catastrophic injuries Ginn suffered required him to incur extensive medical bills and caused him to lose his logging business. Continue reading “Montana Supreme Court Upholds $3.98 Million Verdict Obtained by Hoyt and Blewett PLLC for Brain Injury”

Bakken Oil Field Accidents and The Keystone XL Extension

With the current focus on President Barack Obama’s recent veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline, his first veto since 2010, the issue of oilfields has become a hot topic. The XL extension of the pipeline has come under heavy scrutiny for environmental reasons. Instead of traveling east through Canada, the pipeline is currently planned to travel south through Montana and South Dakota. It is important to understand the effects this veto has on oil production, the Bakken Oil Fields and the number of Montana Oil Rig Accidents that we may see in the future. Continue reading “Bakken Oil Field Accidents and The Keystone XL Extension”