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Hoyt & Blewett PLLC lawyers Drew Blewett and Anders Blewett are former NCAA college football players who intimately understand the devastating nature of traumatic brain injuries.  As a State Senator in the Montana legislature, Anders Blewett worked with the Brain Injury Association of Montana, the Governor’s Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council, and his former Harvard University football teammate and internationally acclaimed brain injury expert Christopher Nowinski, to sponsor legislation to increase awareness about concussions and closed head injuries in organized athletics.

Even though traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of death from sports-induced injuries, until April of 2013, Montana was one of the few remaining states that had not adopted legislation to prevent repeat brain injuries in school-sponsored athletic activities.  During the 2013 Montana legislative session, Blewett’s concussion legislation passed into law with overwhelming bipartisan support and will undoubtedly help reduce the devastating impacts of repeat concussions on youth athletes in Montana.  The legislation also requires the implementation of standardized educational policies pertaining to brain injuries and medical clearance before a concussed athlete can return to competition.

Brain injuries not only occur in organized sporting activities, they frequently result from acts of negligence involving car wrecks, trucking accidents, defective products and dangerous workplaces. Medical patients can also suffer brain damage when doctors and hospital staff make mistakes or commit medical malpractice. Unlike other broken bones and other physical injuries, it is difficult to visualize an injury to the brain.  Given the inherent difficulties that come with proving some mild and moderate brain injuries and the lengths to which defendants will go to deny such claims, it may be necessary to contact a Montana brain injury attorney who understands the medical research behind head injuries and who has experience proving these often contested injuries.

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