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Montana Rules of The Road – Where Are Cyclists Allowed?

Spring is fast approaching. When the snow begins to melt in the coming weeks you will start to notice people biking in Montana and sharing the roadways. This, in turn, is sure to reignite the ongoing debate between motorists and cyclists over who rules the road.  Over the course of our decades of experience in representing motorcycle and auto accident victims, one thing is certain – seemingly everyone has their own interpretation of the Montana Bicycle law.
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Winter Automobile Accidents in Montana

The car accident attorneys at Hoyt & Blewett have represented the people of Montana for over 30 years, and have successfully won numerous seven-figure jury verdicts against insurance companies and corporations. With that said, there have been thousands of automobile-related fatalities in the United States. With an average of 7,100 weather related US automobile deaths each year, and 116,800 people injured in vehicle accidents involving snowy, slushy or icy driving conditions each year, the residents of the state of Montana are set to experience yet another dangerous winter on the roads.

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Should Residents of Butte, Montana be Concerned About Water Pollution?

Recent reports of over 3,000 geese that died from exposure to toxic chemicals in a contaminated storage pond near Butte, Montana has raised concern for the safety of residents and surrounding areas in Western Montana. Although no human casualties have been reported as a result of the contaminated water, officials warn that measures must be taken to protect the region’s residents before the poisonous mix seeps into the Butte, Montana water supply. Residents should familiarize themselves with the situation and the protections that are available to compensate them for environmental damage in Butte, Montana.

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Montana’s Laws on Distracted Driving and Cell Phones

Each year in Montana, hundreds of people are seriously injured in auto and trucking accidents as a direct result of distracted drivers who talk and/or text on their cell phones.  This has become such a serious problem that numerous cities across Montana have implemented ordinances banning the use of hand held devices while driving. Continue reading “Montana’s Laws on Distracted Driving and Cell Phones”

Hoyt and Blewett Recognized for Work on Health Insurance Class Action Settlement

The Great Falls Tribune recently published a letter of thanks from Kayre Chatellier, executive director of the Cascade County Law Clinic, to Anders Blewett and Alexander (Zander) Blewett III from Hoyt and Blewett PLLC for their work in a health insurance class action. Continue reading “Hoyt and Blewett Recognized for Work on Health Insurance Class Action Settlement”

Montana Supreme Court Stops Insurer from Subrogating Against Injured Worker’s Settlement Obtained by Hoyt and Blewett

In a very important decision for workers injured in Montana, the Montana Supreme Court in the case Talbot v. Cudd, 2016 MT 247reaffirmed the rights of injured workers to be made whole before workers compensation insurance companies can seek repayment of medical bills and lost wages it paid for. Anders Blewett of Hoyt and Blewett handled oral argument before the Montana Supreme Court. Continue reading “Montana Supreme Court Stops Insurer from Subrogating Against Injured Worker’s Settlement Obtained by Hoyt and Blewett”

Exploring Product Liability in Montana

According to the FDA website, there have been over 50 product recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts made by companies in May of 2016 alone. Companies in the United States are being held responsible for their negligence and endangerment to the public. With so many recalls happening every day, it’s important to stay informed on recent product recalls, knowing how to handle yourself in the case of an emergency and how to file and get the most out of your product liability claim.

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Personal Injury Claims in Montana

Nearly everyone in Montana knows a friend, relative, co-worker or acquaintance who has suffered some sort of personal injury in a car or trucking accident, on a worksite, on the premises of a business, or at a hospital during a medical procedure. The injuries suffered by these individuals can have a devastating impact both on the victims themselves and on their families, particularly if there is insufficient insurance coverage to cover their damages. Continue reading “Personal Injury Claims in Montana”